Soya-North Co., Ltd.

Soya-North Co. Ltd. was founded in 1992.

Major spheres of our activities are:

- soybean breeding, seed production and growing,

- sunflower breeding and seed production

- oil crops processing for oil and cake.

NEW: soybean cultivar Prypiat is included into the National List of Plant Varieties of the UK since 2013, according to the notification of the Food & Environment Research Agency. An official notice was published in June 2013 in the current edition of the Plant Varieties and Seeds Gazette, p. 15.

Soybean cultivars 

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 A professor and two PhDs are involved into Soya-North scientific programs. High professional qualification of our staff promotes effective soybean and hybrid sunflower breeding. We develop cultivars for Belarus and countries with similar climatic conditions (50-54° N lat., CHU 2200-2600°С). Soybean breeding is carried by classical methods, without genetic modification.

At present, 9 soybean cultivars and 3 sunflower hybrids of Soya-North Co. are registered in Belarus. Several soybean cultivars are registered in Great Britain (Prypiat), Russia, Ukraine, and Kirgizia.


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